The world is changing...

Technology has made natural gas ubiquitous, abundant and cheap.

CNG and LNG are replacing diesel in transportation and power generation.

Biomethane has become a leading carbon management solution. 

At Boreas we recognize that natural gas is a step on the path to a lower carbon footprint.  We are dedicated to finding solutions to regulatory, economic, technical and operational problems in the utilities and technology sectors.

At Boreas we are finding solutions to providing energy for a new world.

Forecasting & Planning

We develop sophisticated technical and economic models for Long Range Resource Plans, project proposals, facility applications, and feasibility studies. We balance hard facts and data with the subjectivity to arrive at meaningful solutions relevant to our clients’ needs.

Regulatory Services

We support the full scope of regulatory proceedings, from the development of the application and regulatory strategy, through the information request and hearing process.

Management & Operations

The problems we love to tackle are the ones defying simple definition and straightforward resolution. We guide the entire process beginning with the identification of the opportunity and the creation of a business case, through to project planning, approvals and execution.