Forecasting & Planning

Utility Cost of Service Review

Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community
Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community is a residential community under development in Kamloops. As part of its development, Sun Rivers created one of the first private multi-utility companies in Canada consisting of gas and electric as well as sanitary sewer, water and geothermal heating and cooling services. We completed an analysis of the costs for providing water, sewer and geothermal services to Sun Rivers’ customers that was based on utility cost recovery principles. We then developed long term cost and revenue forecasts to determine the rates to charge customers in order that the costs of providing the services were recovered.

Natural Gas Studies

Pacific Northern Gas
Analysis of natural gas reserves and production activities in the Grizzly Valley area of North-east B.C.

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
Analysis of the midstream natural gas sector in B.C. for the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

Included as part of this analysis: LNG projects are being proposed for and developed in British Columbia at an increasing pace. Proponents of LNG liquefaction projects need to understand their options for transporting their gas supplies from North-east British Columbia. Working with experts in hydraulic simulation and using our knowledge of the behaviour and forecasts of load growth in the Prince George to Kitimat service territory, we determined the amount of available capacity to prospective shippers of LNG destined gas volumes.

Monetization of Pipeline Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions

Spectra Energy
Working with engineers and carbon professionals, we determined the GHG emissions reductions that resulted from the client’s changes to pipeline maintenance operations for offset credits. Notable challenges were that the client was proposing a novel approach to emissions management that required the completion and third party validation of a protocol, project plan and project quantification reports. Working together with the client, and protocol developer we delivered verified emissions reductions to the Pacific Carbon Trust.

Climate Change Corporate Strategy

Pacific Northern Gas
We advised Pacific Northern Gas on the science of climate change and on the latest developments related to GHG emissions policy and regulations and carbon markets. After completing a high level assessment of the utility’s emissions, we looked at and recommended a number of initiatives for achieving and monetizing emissions reductions.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Spectra Energy Gas Control System
The vulnerability of process control systems to cyber attacks and malware is becoming an increasing concern of operators of critical utility infrastructure. The consequences of a disruption of safety and process control systems on worker and public health and safety, the environment and the economy can be significant. Working with a team of IT and operations specialists, we are completing a cyber vulnerability assessment in accordance with NIST guidelines for a large natural gas transmission system. This assessment will be used during the planning phase to identify and prioritize projects that will strengthen the level of cyber-security at a number of the client’s industrial facilities.

Energy Technology

Solar Thermal Technology Market Study (Etalim)
Partnering with Acorn Solutions, we evaluated the market opportunities for a novel solar thermal power generator.

Ocean Energy System Technical Analysis (SyncWave)
We completed technical feasibility studies for an energy technology startup company.