Management & Operations

Operational Efficiency Enhancements

Pacific Northern Gas and Michigan Consolidated
Unaccounted for gas volumes, or ‘lost gas’, are an indicator of the accuracy and effectiveness of operational and business processes in managing a utility’s gas volumes. While some discrepancy, or loss, between the gas volumes transported by a pipeline, and those sold to customers or consumed in the pipeline’s operations are unavoidable, larger than normal differences bear closer examination.

PNG contacted us to determine the cause for larger than expected unaccounted for gas volumes. We conducted a technical and procedural review of their gas measurement, allocation and volume accounting practices to determine the source of the problem, saving the utility over $400 thousand in gas supply costs over a number of years.

We were able to bring our expertise to Michigan Consolidated where we recommended changes to reconcile their physical and transactional volume reporting processes and provide senior management with increased assurance of the accuracy of their business processes.

Control Room Management (CRM) & Alarm Management

Spectra Energy
An amendment to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), 49 CFR 192, defines the minimum requirements for gas control centres in the United States and their SCADA systems (“CRM regulations”). This amendment mandates a broad spectrum of management practices related to the design, maintenance and operation of SCADA systems and gas control centres. We completed an assessment of the degree of compliance of Spectra’s gas control operations with the PHMSA regulation and developed a strategy for achieving compliance.

Process Reviews

We have conducted a number of project planning exercises consisting of an assessment, best practices review, requirements gathering gap analyses and implementation planning. Specific projects include: IT enhancements and process improvements to a pipeline asset integrity management program, and to gas measurement program.